"...bound together...bound not through any obvious forms, but rather through a negativity; through an absence of meaning of history and an absence of artifacts.  Absence, therefore, serves as a way of binding in depth, and in a totally different manner."

Daniel Libeskind from his book Countersign

"Cohen's project is to explore, at the end of a century of mass death, how to represent historical trauma in a manner true to our own moment...His gift to us is to show us how to comprehend traces of history that are more radical than any of the inherited images that populate our mental

archive "

Sander Gilman, from the Introduction of On European Ground, University of Chicago Press


I have come to understand that history, in a contemporary image, can be sited.  Events can—and do—become geography. My photographs are a visual meditation on the trauma that scars global sites of the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first-centuries.  The images record the distance between what we remember about charged places and what we can still observe in them today. The photographs offer a space for reflection on the complex gravity and legacy of the very ground in which history is rooted.